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Enter overpayment applied as credit from 2017 Form 1042. Credit for amounts withheld by other withholding agents Total payments. Phone no. Cat. No. 11384V Form 1042 2018 Page 2 a b c d e 70a Total tax reported as withheld or paid by withholding agent on all Forms 1042-S and 1000 Tax withheld by withholding agent. Add lines 65 through 67. If line 64e is larger than line 68 enter balance due here. Apply overpayment sum of lines 70a and 70b to check one Credit on 2019 Form 1042 or Refund 63a 63b...
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Who Files Form 1042?

Every withholding agent or intermediary who receives, controls, has custody of, disposes of, or pays a withholdable payment (to which chapter 4 withholding of the Internal Revenue Code applies) or an amount subject to withholding, must file an annual return for the preceding calendar year on Form 1042 unless an exception to filing applies. Also, any publicly traded partnership (PTP) or nominee making a distribution of the effectively connected income under section 1446, or any entity required to report a distribution on Form 1042-S that is subject to withholding under section 1445, must file Form 1042 for the preceding calendar year.

What is the Purpose of Form 1042?

The purpose of the form is to report the following.

  • The tax withheld under chapter 3 of the Internal Revenue Code (excluding withholding under sections 1445 and 1446 except as indicated below) on certain income of foreign persons, including nonresident aliens, foreign corporations, foreign partnerships, foreign trusts and foreign estates.
  • The tax withheld under chapter 4 on withholdable payments of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The tax withheld pursuant to section 5000C on specified federal procurement payments.
  • The tax withheld under section 877A on payments of eligible deferred compensation items or distributions from non-grantor trusts to a covered expatriate.
  • Payments that are reported on Form 1042-S under chapter 3 or 4.

Is Form 1042 Accompanied by other Forms?

All withholding agents must verify entries on lines 67a and 67b by attaching supporting Forms 1042-S.

When is Form 1042 Due?

The form must be submitted by March 15th, 2017. If you need more time to file Form 1042, you may submit Form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns. Form 7004 does not extend the time for payment of tax.

How do I Fill out Form 1042?

You can find the IRS instructions on how to fill the form at https://www.irs.gov/uac/about-form-1042

Where do I Send Form 1042?

Mail Form 1042 to:
Ogden Service Center
P.O. Box 409101
Ogden, UT 84409

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hello Internet Jim Bakker here Im just stopping by to share little information that I had to dig up for a client today so I thought I would you know compile it and share whatever on YouTube because I know that I have a lot of people who are searching to get answers their questions and I put it all together here for you so I have a client who is a a subsidiary of a its a us entity thats a subsidiary of a Mexican company and the US company wants to pay dividends to the Mexican parent so its uh you know they say Jim how do we take this payment to the the foreign parent and how do we send these dividends and comply with all the tax laws so I went through it and explained everything to him and Ill explain it to you so dividend is dividends being paid to foreign entities is a under-under FATCA its a fixed determinable annual periodic payment you know and theres a 30 flat withholding this required to be filed and thats on most like financial type of payments like royalties or interest or you know dividends and the system is a very very popular type payment for in this circumstance so theres a number of steps so you see it on the page I have it laid out here so company a is a Mexican Corp and they owned a high percent of Company B which is a US Court Company B is a very profitable and once they do theres company a how is it done thats the question so the standard rate is 30 percent but obviously if we dont have to pay 30 percent to the government thats we dont want to because thats a lot of high percent so we check first the US tax treaties because the United States has treaties with many foreign countries and especially with Mexico so if you google US tax treaties you go down to most and almost all the treaties all the ones I know of article ten its dividends so you got into article ten and then you can read it and its very complicated way its read but given is paid by a company which is a resident of contracting state its a resident of us a tour resident of the other state maybe tax in that other state so dividends paid from us at Aksum in Mexico in this situation the dividends may also be taxed in the contracting State which is USA but which the company paying the dividends is a resident of USA and according to the laws there however if the beneficial owner of the dividends a resident of the other state the tax so charge shall not exceed so this means that if the company receiving the dividends is a resident of Mexico there is a the tax charge the tax is that a preferable rate its 5 if the Mexican company owns at least 10 of the voting stock of the company paying the dividend so the treaty rate is 5 and if you own less than 10 then its a 15 now its it was 10 but now its they think it looks down here 15 but in this case its a 5 with a link so on 100000 dividend only 5000 has to be withheld and remitted to the government so the next step is to complete a double you been eat for the foreign parent Corp and I have this form here and theres instructions...